Our Team

Sherry Allchin

Online Training Director, Skype Counselor

Pamela Zylstra

Counseling Intern, MABC Student

Lucy Ann Moll

Counselor and Communication Director

Kristen Lezza

Financial Administrator and Appointment Scheduling

Jerrod Tillotson

Counselor and Ordained Pastor

Dr. Tim Allchin

Executive Director, Counselor and Teaching Team

Dr. Donna Hart

Counselor, Author and Training Team

Dr Ronald Allchin

BCC Founder, Skype Counselor and Intl. Training Director

Doug McDaniel

Counselor, Ordained Pastor and Training Team

Donald Hart

Counselor, Ordained Pastor and Teaching Team

Carol Wright

Counselor, Women's Minister and Training Team

Brandon Lowery

Counselor, Ordained Pastor and Teaching Team