“I’m Sorry” Versus True Repentance

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"I'm sorry"

What’s the difference between saying “I’m sorry” and true repentance? Does this difference matter? This article by Lucy Ann Moll, who counsels out of our Winfield office and by Skype, first appeared here and is used with permisison.   When you hurt someone’s feelings, is it enough to say “I’m sorry”? Or do these words fall flat when spoken without godly … Read More

I’d Only Be Happy If. . .

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The Bread of Life invites you to believe, but so many of us say, “I’d only be happy if. . .” and chase after temporal things like success, security, love, acceptance, and things. Donna Hart, PhD, a BCC counselor, helps us think through what we value most: bread or the Bread. Her article first appeared here on her website and … Read More

Would Your Church Welcome Outcasts?

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Would outcasts get a warm welcome at your church? Does your church provide Chirst-centered counseling to outcasts who seem emotionally disturbed? If not, why not? In this provocative article by Joshua Walk, which first appeared here, he explores the church’s role in welcoming outcasts and providing counseling. If John the Baptist walked into your church next Sunday morning, would he … Read More

Bullying: A Deadly Poison in Marriage

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Bullying in marriage is never God’s desire. Bullied spouses learn to be quiet, say “I’m sorry,” and try harder. Find out what to do if you’re married to a bully in this post by guest writer Karen Gaul, whose article appeared first here on The Biblical Counseling Coalition website. It is used with permission. (IMPORTANT: If you are in physical danger … Read More

Helping a Young Adult to Live Wisely

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young adult

Are you disappointed when your young adult makes foolish choices? In this encouraging article by BCC counselor Lucy Ann Moll, you’ll hear basics on how to help advise a young adult and how to handle your emotions. For more help, please reach out to your pastor or a biblical counselor. This article first appeared here and is used with permission. … Read More

Rebellious Child? Help and Hope for Parents

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A rebellious child is opposed to authority — yours! And his defiance hurts, doesn’t it? It causes you to question your effectiveness as a loving, godly parent. You may wonder if God has given you more than you can handle. In this practical article which first appeared here, BCC counselor Lucy Ann Moll encourages moms and dads to persevere.  In the … Read More

Sherry Allchin on Biblical Counseling

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Sherry Allchin

Biblical Counselor Sherry Allchin, MABC, shares her story with Ellen Castillo, a Biblical Counselor and the Director of Word of Hope Ministries, Inc., on behalf of Biblical Counseling for Women. As the biblical counseling movement expands, so do the opportunities for women to serve in a variety of ways as Biblical Counselors. Sherry Allchin is one of the women chosen for … Read More

Rebuilding Trust After a Deep Hurt

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Rebuilding trust takes time when someone–husband or wife, or a close friend–has deeply hurt you. Do you fear forgiving the one who hurt you? This post by Donna Hart, PhD, a staff counselor at Biblical Counselor, appeared first here at her website and is used with permission. When we forgive a person who has sinned against us it means that … Read More