How to Launch a Counseling Center

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launch a counseling center

Isn’t it time to launch a counseling center at your church? Are you a pastor or elder or church leader? Are you a church member with a heart for the hurting? Then you are the type of person Biblical Counseling Center is looking for! We’d love for you to take advantage of our four-video series that gives the basics of … Read More

5 Reasons Kids Disobey

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Ever wonder why children disobey? Or specifically why your kid does the opposite of what the Bible instructs, encourage, and commands? You know God says kids should obey their parents. Perhaps you can recite this verse in your sleep: Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. ‘Honor your father and mother’ (this is the first commandment with a … Read More

Can a Christian Struggle with Homosexuality?

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In a word: Yes! Today’s guest Rob Green at Faith Ministries in LaFayette, IN, answers this common question we at Biblical Counseling Center hear regularly from counselees and their families. Having just returned from ACBC’s conference on homosexuality, we at BCC are even more determined to offer compassionate care to those who struggle. Can a Christian Struggle with Homosexuality?” was … Read More

5 Things Infertile Couples Want You to Know!

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infertile couples

Infertility is tough. Guest blogger Brian Nicholson at Faith Ministries in LaFayette, IN, shares his own struggle as well as straightforward suggestions for all.  “5 Things Infertile Couples Want Friends, Families, and Churches to Know” was originally posted on Faith Biblical Counseling Ministry’s “Counseling with Confidence & Compassion” blog, and is republished with permission. –Ed. Let’s face it: infertility is … Read More

7 Principles to Protect a Marriage

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protect a marriage

To protect a marriage, these seven principles are gospel-centered guides to consider. Guest blogger Jim Newheiser is the Director of the Institute of Biblical Counseling and Discipleship, an ACBC fellow, and a pastor of Grace Bible Church in Escondido, CA. This article, “7 Gospel-Centered Principles to Protect a Marriage” first appeared here on the Biblical Counseling Coalition blog and is used with permission. … Read More

How to Heal After Adultery

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healing after adultery

Can your marriage survive adultery? Yes, says today’s guest blogger Julie Ganschow. It won’t be easy but because of God’s grace, a husband and wife can reconcile and grow spiritually. This article (Post-Adultery Reconciliation in Marriage by Julie Ganschow) originally appeared on the Biblical Counseling Coalition website and is used with permission.–Ed. While devastating and heartbreaking, infidelity in a marriage … Read More

Dr. Charles Ware on True Strength

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God’s strength displayed through weakness is the emphasis of today’s post by guest blogger is Dr. Charles Ware, president of Crossroads Bible College in Indiana and the keynote speaker at Biblical Counseling Center’s Celebration Banquet this Friday. Dr. Ware knows firsthand what strength through weakness really means. Please read this compelling account of his son. It is a beautiful side to the witty … Read More

How to Become Patient

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patience and fruit of the spirit

Donna Hart, PhD, a biblical counselor on staff at BCC, admits to her problem with patience and, through her mishaps, helps us grow in it.I am not a very patient person. I am always in a hurry. The Lord has been teaching me to slow down and be patient, think it through, and look to see things more clearly. In the slowing down, … Read More

How the ‘Other Gospel’ Hurts You!

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other gospel

Guest blogger and biblical counselor Julie Ganschow questions pastors who send the hurting to mental health clinics in this provocative post, reprinted here with her permission. She reminds us that God says his Word gives everything we need for life and godliness. At her blog, she names it: The Gospel of In-sufficiency. This other gospel hurts you! I am amazed that you are … Read More

Break Free from Distress

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break free and soar

To break free from distress and other problems, you need to know how and you need to know Who. Guest blogger Lynn Mosher encourages us to snip entanglements of care and distress and break free. She writes regularly at her blog.–Ed. Snip the Earth Bands Tethered. Earthbound. A spirit cannot be free to soar as an eagle. Earth-bands keep us from … Read More