Does Gospel-Centered Counseling Really Work?

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Does gospel-centered counseling really work? Isn’t this a crucial question for biblical counselors and counselees? Listen to this story. Meet Ashley and Nate Ashley and her husband, Nate, met with Pastor Bob Kellemen at church the day after their twin sons’ eleventh birthday. With tears streaming down her face, Ashley shared that twenty-five years earlier, not long after her eleventh birthday, … Read More

Do You Need Your Hope Restored?

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Restored HOPE is a desperate need of our world today. Doesn’t someone you know need hope restored? Do you? Dr. Ron Allchin, D. Min. shares how to restore hope and what Biblical Counseling Center is doing this year to restore hope, namely. . . . 1. Training churches in the U.S. and overseas to care for people. 2. Counseling the hurting to believe the … Read More

How to Improve Your Emotions

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Do you want better emotions? Who doesn’t?! Your difficult emotions like anger, fear, and sadness — and your happy-joy-love ones too — communicate important information to you. This is wonderful: As you grasp the meaning of your emotions and learn how to view them, you can begin to switch negative emotions for positive emotions, based on God’s word. Emotions Say Something Important Emotions result … Read More

How We Train for Success

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Isn’t it great to read a success story? A father and mother needed help for their teen. They walked in the doors of New Hope Bible Church, a multi-cultural community of faith on Chicago’s west side, looking for help, for direction, for compassion, anything that would keep their at-risk teen out of gangs. The couple and their teen received one-on-one … Read More

Why “Luck” Is Dumb!

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Biblical Counselor Julie Ganschow is director of Reigning Grace Counseling Center in Kansas City, MO, and writes at This article first appeared on her blog. I was recently with my dad in Las Vegas. Even though I know that the city is built on gambling and games of chance, I was still struck by the thousands of people filling casinos playing … Read More

SUICIDE: Ways to Prevent It

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peace despite suicide

Suicide. It’s nearly impossible to understand, but there are ways to help prevent it. NOTE: Always dial 911 immediately if you suspect someone has attempted suicide! Prevention strategies don’t always work. Someone whose determined to die sometimes is “successful” and dies. It’s sad, tragic.  I talked to a parent whose teen is struggling. Her 15-year-old friend killed himself after several … Read More

Marriage: God’s Good Idea?

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marriage in church

Is marriage a good idea? God’s idea? Or outdated? Many who think about marriage and family wonder if the idea came from the jungle story, “Me Tarzan, you Jane; come with me to live in my tree house.” Others may think about “The Flintstones” and imagine a man and a woman from a communal group in a cave deciding to … Read More

How to Fix a Broken Friendship

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A broken friendship hurts. You may feel torn apart. Lonely. Sad. In high school my two closest friends and I lunched together, shared inside jokes, and went to movies and parties on the weekends. We had each other’s backs and hearts … until our senior year. That summer they met boys. College boys. While the two couples had fun, I felt forgotten, … Read More

Finding HOPE in Troubled Times

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You can find hope in troubled times when you know where to look. Isn’t this reassuring?  “Troubled times” are as old as the Garden of Eden. God said to the devil, to Eve and to Adam that their rebellion meant times of trouble for mankind. Indeed, “troubled times” is a oft-used phrase for these present days. Whether an earthquake or … Read More