Basics Every Counselor Needs

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counseling for women

Every counselor — every Christian! — needs the basics on how to come alongside the hurting. While most women are nurturers by nature, wives of pastors, seminarians, and ministry leaders are often led to the role of counselor. This is what happened to Sherry Allchin, whose husband founded Biblical Counseling Center in 1989, a nonprofit counseling center strong in the … Read More

Control Your Thought Life!

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thought life

How’s your thought life? Did you know what you think about greatly influences your feelings and your actions? To feel right and act right, then pay attention to your thought life. When you control your thought life, you’ll not only feel and act like the Christian that God wants you to be, you’ll please your Father.  Thought Life and Truth … Read More

Help for a Marriage & Family

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Biblical counseling for marriage and families — this is the topic of our live-stream, online course that begins this Monday, November 10. If you have a heart for helping struggling marriages and families, then you’ll want to join us. The registration page is here. You need to register to participate. (Psst: To the left, you see a recent Allchin family photo. Can … Read More

Marriage & Family PREVIEW!

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It is time to help Marriage and Family thrive! Don’t you agree? Biblical Counseling Center is excited to give you a sneak peek of our new Marriage and Family course. It’s for anyone — counselors, ministry leaders, and anyone interested in helping marriages and families succeed. Register now while you’re thinking about it. The course will be live-streamed ONLINE on … Read More

Bible Tips for Working Moms!

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working moms

Working moms who have a job outside the home face a big challenge: maintaining a biblical balance of roles as wife, mother, and employee. God desires that whatever we do, either by choice or necessity, that we do it all for His glory in each setting and task of a working mom’s day. “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for … Read More

Forgive and Be Free

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You can forgive and be free today. God has forgiven you of all your sins when you accepted Jesus’ gift of salvation. So who are you to withhold forgiveness from another person, whether a Christian or not, who has wronged you? What if God forgave exactly how you are inclined to forgive? Pretty ugly, huh? Thank God for his instruction … Read More

Bitterness: Turn It into Better-ness!

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You can learn how to kill bitterness.  You can exchange bitterness for “betterness,” says biblical counselor and teacher Sherry Allchin, M.A. Chances are you know the look of bitterness. It … sours your face, may raise your blood pressure, and contribute to other unwelcome physical ailments. wards off friends, coworkers, even family when you let it out. eats you up … Read More

Helping Hurting Children

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helping hurting children

Helping hurting children is crucial today in the godlessness of the last days the Bible speaks of. All around our little ones are heartless, arrogant, out-of-control lovers of self, not God. They hurt children, and some of these children grow up angry, anxious, and lonely. Sherry Allchin, biblical counselor and teacher at Biblical Counseling Center, has developed a vital resource … Read More

Our 28 Most Popular Workshops

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most popular workshops

Our popular workshops reveal the heartbeat of Biblical Counseling Center: “Helping Churches Care for People.” Yes, our trained, experienced, certified biblical counselors come alongside hurting couples, men, women, teens, and children. Yes, the Counselor speaks compassionate truth to them, changing their hearts, changing their lives. Yes, chances are your pastor and leaders at your church are able to Counsel the … Read More

Wisdom for Abused Women

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abused women

Abused women, this is the truth: Abuse IS NOT love. You are not a doormat. God Almighty has the answer to freedom, wisdom, and a better life. This post first appeared here on biblical counselor Julie Ganshow’s blog. She’s right on — many abused women I’ve counseled have struggled just as she describes. Reprinted here at Biblical Counseling Center with … Read More