RESTORE workshops offer help and hope for life’s deepest struggles. 

Biblical Counseling Center has 4 workshops in Winter/Spring 2017. All workshops are on Thursday evenings. They are. . .

MARRIAGE, a 10-lesson workshop for hurting couples. (March 2 thru May 4)

GRIEF SUPPORT, a 4-lesson worshop that walks you through the journey of grief. (February 2 thru 23)

SINGLE PARENTS, a 4-lesson workshop that encourages single parents to thrive. (April 6 thru May 4)

FINANCIALFINANCIAL, a 2-lesson workshop that answers your questions, provides tools, and moves you toward financial health. (May 18 and 25)

COST: These workshops are free to participants, but space is limited.

WHERE: BCC Schaumburg at 200 N. Roselle Road, Schaumburg, IL (in Bethel Church).

CHILDCARE: Childcare for birth — grade 5 is available.

SIGNUP: Click here to signup for a RESTORE workshop. While the workshops are free to participants, we kindly ask that you signup so we have ample seating and materials. Thank you.



Do you want to have a RESTORE MARRIAGE group from your own church? (At this time, we offer leadership training for the marriage workshop only. We plan to offer leadership training for the other workshops in the future.) 

If so, this is what you do:

  1. Sign up for Leadership Training. The training is February 11 at 9AM to 3PM at BCC Schaumburg (in Bethel Church). The cost is only $50 per leader per year. Once trained you’ll be equipped to lead your own RESTORE MARRIAGE group in conjunction with BCC.
  2. Decide if you prefer your own table at BCC Schaumburg in Bethel Church OR at your own location where you’ll watch through Livestream online.
  3. Gather couples from your church and ask them to sign up for RESTORE MARRIAGE. If your group is meeting at your location, please inform BCC Executive Director Tim Allchin at *protected email* in order to get RESTORE resources for your group before the workshop.

Remember, there is no cost to participants.

Thank you for helping hurting people with the hope of Jesus Christ.