Join us for an Introduction to Biblical Counseling at First Baptist Church, Patchogue, NY, on September 9!


BCC is partnering with First Baptist Patchouge, NY to introduce biblical counseling in this seminar that covers the philosophy and principles of shepherding.

The 4-hour seminar introduces Biblical Counseling and why it should be an important priority for any church that wants to have a healthy culture of shepherding and discipleship. This seminar covers Module 1 of BCC’s Foundations of Biblical Counseling which is a 24-lesson introduction to the principles of Biblical Counseling that is taking place in churches all over the country. The entire Foundations course covers the why and the how of counseling life’s struggles and covers issues like emotions, parenting, marital struggles and helping those with physical and mental struggles.

This four hour seminar costs only $25 (includes notes and refreshments).


SATURDAY, September 9th 9 to 1 PM: Module 1 — Shepherding Like Christ

Optional Training for Leaders: 1:15 to 3:45 PM: LAUNCH: Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Counseling Ministry (includes lunch)



After the introduction seminar, BCC trainers will present LAUNCH, an interactive and conversational seminar for leaders considering developing a counseling ministry at their church. You will receive tools and guidance through the process of many many churches developed counseling strategies in their local church.

COST: $25, which includes lunch as long as you RSVP. The seminar will last from 1:30-3:30 and includes free registration to our online LAUNCH course where a ton of valuable resources can be found.




After the seminar, you can finish our entire Foundations of Biblical Counseling Course or our Certificate in Lay Counseling

To finish the remaining four modules of Foundations of Biblical Counseling and earn your certificate, choose one of three options:

  1. First Baptist Church in Patchouge, NY Contact Pastor Steve Willoughby for Details
  2. Small group (of at least 5 people) at your church. You’ll receive guidance from a BCC trainer on conducting the small group. $100/person.
  3. On you own through our Online School of Biblical Counseling. $125/person.

Questions?  Contact us today.

Dr. Tim Allchin serves as the Executive Director at BCC and counsels out several offices. He is also part of the BCC Teaching Team who teach and equip local churches in the areas of counseling. He holds a Masters of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Seminary and completed his doctorate of ministry in biblical counseling from Central Baptist Theological Seminary. Prior to coming to Biblical Counseling Center, Tim pastored for 12 years in a local church in Naperville where he served in a variety of roles, working with students, families and adults. He also had direct responsibility in the areas of counseling and recovery ministries and was a frequent teacher in many different venues within the church. Tim loves the hope found in the gospel and loves helping other embrace the good news found in Christ. He enjoys walking alongside those who are hurting and struggling and helping them find hope and help in applying God’s word to the practical issues of life. He particularly enjoys working with youth, families and men. He is married and is the father to two boys.

Brandon Lowery holds an MA in Counseling Ministry from Wheaton College and has extensive experience as a counseling ministry leader within the local church in the Chicago area. Brandon has served his church as a youth pastor and counseling pastor. He offers a passion for God’s word, practically applied, with patience to wounded and struggling individuals. Brandon enjoys counseling in the areas of struggling marriages, pre-marital counseling, adolescents, addictions, anxiety, anger, depression and biblical masculinity; his most recent research is based in Post Traumatic Stress (PTS; PTSD) and shame. Brandon is married to his best friend, Christina, and is father to three small children, two boys and a girl.