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Does God Want Me To Be Happy?

Psalm 1 begins with the word ""Blessed"" or ""Happy."" God wants us to be happy, and He tells us exactly how to be happy no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in. But, happiness is not something we should expect to find no matter how hard we pursue it!

Solomon pursued happiness and found ""futility"" instead (Ecclesiastes). Happiness is a by-product that comes as we do those things that please God and fulfill His purpose for us here on earth. God created us and knows best what will bring true happiness.

Read Psalm 1. Happiness requires that we avoid getting entangled in the world's way of thinking and living. It requires that we immerse ourselves in the water of God's Word for His teaching, correction and nourishment. As we change to become more like Jesus, living our lives according to God's design brings us true happiness and a joy and peace that come only from above. We will be like trees planted by rivers of water that produce fruit in season with leaves that never wither and will prosper in all we do!

Yes, God wants me to be happy because that would mean I have chosen to follow Him! Have you chosen to follow Him? He wants you to be happy, too!