skills every Christian needs

4 Skills Every Christian Needs

Every Christian needs these 4 skills: effective prayer, truth application, listening, and wise patience. Which skills can you help others learn? In which do you need help. Guest writer Matt Mitchell, a pastor and author of Resisting Gossip: Winning the War of the Wagging Tongue (CLC Publications, 2013), also blogs at “Hot Orthodoxy.” This article…


Reading Scripture to Change Your Life

Scripture is a life-changing love letter. Counselor Donna Hart, PhD, experiences this personally as she reads the Bible for understanding and transformation. Do you desire life transformation too? Donna’s article appeared first here on her website and is used with permission. A while back, I attended a women’s theology conference where Ruth Haley Barton spoke of…


Hurt by Someone in Authority?

Authority figures–whether fathers, husbands, church elders, government leaders, or employers–influence women’s lives. How we women respond to them reveals our hearts. This article by counselor Julie Ganschow appeared first here on her website and is used with permission.  When Authority Figures Disappoint Us As Christian women, we function in a world that is watching to see…


Shame: How to Rid the Dirt!

Shame is very real. It is a deep sense that you are unacceptable because of something you did, something done to you, or something associated with you. In this article by Dr. Donna Hart, PhD, you’ll discover the imacts, causes, and effects of shame. Plus, learn steps to freedom! Donna’s article appeared first here on…


Bible Versus Psychological Theory

The Bible is God’s written Word–without error and able to transform people. Psychology proposes man-made theories to handle life’s problems. In this provocative article, Julie Ganschow spells out some of the differences and concludes that many people diagnosed with a mental disorder are soul sick, not brain sick. Julie is the director of Reigning Grace…


Your Worldview Matters!

You have a worldview, and it colors how you see the world and how you solve your problems. This article by certified biblical counselor Lucy Ann Moll first appeared here on her website and is used with permission.  In this short article, you’ll discover: what a worldview is and why it matters to your spiritual growth.…


Do You Meditate?

Do you meditate? The idea of meditation has a bad rep among Christians, but is there another side to the story? In this provocative article by Howard Eyrich, he encourages Christians to rediscover the biblical meaning of the word and enliven the ready of the Bible with meditation. This article first appeared here on the…