Determine the Solution, Change the Heart

To help a struggling person, determine the solution to their problem and use the Word to transform the heart. The solution to a problem isn’t focused on improving feelings or changing behavior or investigating one’s personal convictions on life. Rather, biblical counseling is about transforming one’s heart. The heart is the bulls-eye. Above all else,…


Taking Your Thoughts Captive!

Your thoughts can start a spiral into depression–or help you out of a dark mood. This article by Joshua Waulk appeared first here at the Biblical Counseling Coalition and is used with permission. Use it to encourage your heart or to help your counselees. –Ed. “I’m stuck, and I feel like God’s nowhere to be…


Help for Compassion Fatigue

Compassion fatigue can tire a biblical counselor and sideline him or her. The good news is compassion fatigue is largely preventable. This article by Joshua Waulk, director of Baylight Counseling, appeared first here at Biblical Counseling Coalition‘s blog and is used with permission.  During my law enforcement career, my comrades and I were repeatedly instructed…


Salvation: The Key to Counseling

A counselee’s salvation is fundamental to effective counseling. The Holy Spirit brings about real heart change in the hurting person. Written by Ed Hines, this article was originally posted on the Faith Biblical Counseling Ministry’s blog, and is republished with permission. We understand that God, working through the Holy Spirit, is the one who brings about change…

protect a marriage

7 Principles to Protect a Marriage

To protect a marriage, these seven principles are gospel-centered guides to consider. Guest blogger Jim Newheiser is the Director of the Institute of Biblical Counseling and Discipleship, an ACBC fellow, and a pastor of Grace Bible Church in Escondido, CA. This article, “7 Gospel-Centered Principles to Protect a Marriage” first appeared here on the Biblical Counseling Coalition blog…


7 Control Centers You Must Have

When you have develop these 7 control centers, you will build moral purity into your lifestyle. The result: Peace and contentment and glory to God! Get your free Friday download at the end of this post. To help you develop self-control, look up the verses for each of the seven control centers. Then evaluate: what…

frustration and self injury

How to Stop Self Injury

What is self injury? Why would anyone do it? How do you stop? Editor’s Note: This article first appeared at Lucy Ann Moll’s blog. Lucy is a staff counselor at Biblical Counseling Center. You may go to the original article. If you or someone you know has purposely hurt herself, she has self-injured. Most people…