Shame: Is It Crouching at Your Door?

Shame says you’re worthless through and through. Christians may feel shame too. Here is counselor’s Joshua Waulk’s insightful article on shame. It appeared first here on Baylight Counseling’s website. There’s a type of sadness that often lingers in the air in many counseling sessions. It isn’t always easily identified, especially early on in a counseling relationship,…


3 Ways to Escape Temptation

You can escape temptation. Knowing this brings hope, doesn’t it? If someone offered you houseboat a few yards above Niagara Falls, would you buy it? Of course not. Would you let your teen attend a Prom with a known drug user? No again. These are obvious risks. You wouldn’t feel tempted to “give in.” Temptation…

healing after adultery

How to Heal After Adultery

Can your marriage survive adultery? Yes, says today’s guest blogger Julie Ganschow. It won’t be easy but because of God’s grace, a husband and wife can reconcile and grow spiritually. This article (Post-Adultery Reconciliation in Marriage by Julie Ganschow) originally appeared on the Biblical Counseling Coalition website and is used with permission.–Ed. While devastating and…

What Does God Say to Worriers- (1)

What Does God Say to Worriers?

“What Does God Say to Worriers?” is the first post in Biblical Counseling Center’s new summer series “What Does God Say?” This series spotlights numerous issues that our counselees turn to us for compassionate and competent counseling in person and by Skype. Among the “What Does God Say?” posts are marital abuse and rebellious kids…

stop fear

How to Stop Fear Now

To stop fear now, you need to change your belief system. But how? This post by our very own Sherry Allchin answers this common and important question. Recently my husband, Ron, and I were on a flight home from ministry that was delayed because of weather at our destination. As the plane took off, we…


Help for Perfectionists

Perfectionists have a pride problem. Does this statement shock you? You may think perfectionists are insecure, not prideful. This post, originally titled Perfectionism Is Pride, first appeared on Julie Glanschow blog. A biblical counselor, Julie counsels at Reigning Grace in Kansas City. Re-posted here with her gracious permission.–Ed. Are you so foolish? Having begun by…


A Husband’s Rejection Hurts!

When a husband is emotionally and physically unavailable to his wife she feels rejection, and rejection hurts! Guest blogger and biblical counselor Julie Ganschow counsels, speaks, and trains folks on heart change leading to life change. Here she helps wives discouraged by a husband’s rejection and gives helpful biblical advice. This post first appeared at…

overcoming phobia

Overcoming a Phobia

When you begin fearing fear, you’ve swung wide the door to developing a phobia. Thank God he helps you overcome a phobia or other fear. –LAM This is the last of a four-part series on finding God’s solutions to ungodly fear. Read the first post here and the second post here and the third post here. By biblical…

panic button

The Truth of a Panic Attack

A panic attack is my definition of personal hell. It’s intense fear, experienced in the body and mind. You feel alone, stuck, off balance. You begin fearing fear. –LAM This is the third of a four-part series on finding God’s solutions to ungodly fear. Read the first post here and the second post here. Series by…