Meeting Needs in Marriage

Meeting needs in marriage — what is the biblical response? If you or a family member has marital struggles, we hope this article points you in the wise direction. By counselor Julie Ganschow, the article first appeared here on her website and is used with permission. As biblical counselors, we spend considerable time teaching our counselees new things…


Overcoming ‘Killer’ Control

Has a desire to control infested your heart? How to “kill” your longing to control. Guest writer Lee Lewis looks at the expression of control and shares truths to overcome control with the gospel. His article appeared first here on the Biblical Counseling Coalition blog and is used with permission. Pride in the human heart…


Fixing Problems Begins with YOU!

Fixing problems begins with the counselee — not circumstances, not the other person. Guest writer Julie Ganschow, director of Reigning Grace Counseling Center, shares how she helps counselees fix problems and experience spiritual growth. This article appeared first here on Julie’s blog and is used with permission. I have noticed that when people come for…


Your Heart Tells All!

Your heart reveals your deepest desires. If you want to understand yourself, your spouse, your child, or anyone, you need to understand their heart as best you can. Would you like to know what causes your fear of public speaking, or your spouse’s brooding, or your child’s backtalk, or a friend’s love of posting selfies…


You Need Transformation NOT Recovery

Transformation: To please God you need heart transformation. Recovery doesn’t work for the long haul. Here’s how to transform! This article by Dr. Donna Hart, PhD, appeared first on her website and is used with permission.  In our culture today, nearly every common behavioral problem is seen as a disorder or disease. It could include…

teens and body image

Teens and Body Image

Isn’t body image at its core a Gospel issue? Doesn’t this mean teens’ struggle with body image is NOT hopeless? Biblical counselor Ellen Castillo gives help and hope to teens, their parents, and the church in her article that first appeared here on the Biblical Counseling Coalition website and is used with permission. It Is…


How to Rewrite Old Tapes

Did you know that God can rewrite the negative tapes that play in your mind? He has godly messages for you to think on, leading to grace-centered hope and change for your life. This article by biblical counselor Lucy Ann Moll appeared first here on her website.   Isn’t it encouraging that God can rewrite your…