domestic abuse

Domestic Abuse: How to Counsel Victims

DOMESTIC ABUSE: Here’s wisdom on counseling victims. Guest writer Joshua Waulk, director of Baylight Counseling, says domestic abuse, in all forms, is anti-gospel and anti-Christ. His article appeared first here and is used with permission. Domestic abuse, in all forms, represents a gross departure from how Scripture portrays biblical marriage, including the example of self-sacrificial…


Unlovable Family Member? What to Do!

The problem: the UNLOVABLE person in your family! Today’s guest blogger, Julie Ganschow, director of Reigning Grace Counseling Center, gives practical insight on how to love the hard-to-love family member, even a child or parent. You can Julie’s blog here. Plenty of you live with someone who is difficult to love. They may be cranky, obstinate, frustrating,…


Meeting Needs in Marriage

Meeting needs in marriage — what is the biblical response? If you or a family member has marital struggles, we hope this article points you in the wise direction. By counselor Julie Ganschow, the article first appeared here on her website and is used with permission. As biblical counselors, we spend considerable time teaching our counselees new things…


7 Lies About Submission

The idea of submission is often misunderstood. Some Christians fear it means “doormat.” Others lord it over family. But what does the Bible say? Did Jesus submit to his Father? SUBMISSION? When women use this S word among girlfriends, toes curl. Many people misunderstand what the Bible means when it says that wives are to “be…


Bullying: A Deadly Poison in Marriage

Bullying in marriage is never God’s desire. Bullied spouses learn to be quiet, say “I’m sorry,” and try harder. Find out what to do if you’re married to a bully in this post by guest writer Karen Gaul, whose article appeared first here on The Biblical Counseling Coalition website. It is used with permission. (IMPORTANT: If…


Reclaim Purity in a Sex-Saturated Culture

Purity is out of vogue nowadays. How do teen girls and women remain sexually pure or reclaim purity? Here’s help and hope from counselor Lucy Ann Moll, whose article first appeared here on her website.  Doesn’t purity seems “old-fashioned” and “not relevant” in today’s sex-saturated culture? Many Christian girls and women have given in to peer…


NOT Selfish: Love Marker #5

Are you selfish in your marriage? Are you selfish in the Church? Do you think needs and desires matter most? If you and I are honest, we’ll admit to selfishness. Awfully humbling, isn’t it? The following list of 7 signs of a selfish spouse will direct you toward the unselfish life God desires. Based on…


NOT Proud: Love Marker 4

NOT Proud: This is love marker 4 in our Summer Love series! Based on 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, these love markers describe true love in the Church and also between spouses. Read “Patience: Love Marker 1” and “Kindness: Love Marker 2” and NOT Jealous: Love Marker 3. Do you want to grow in your marriage? Enjoy these blog posts…