Do Children Run Your Home?

When children rule, a home becomes chaotic. Boundaries give freedom to mature within the parameters of God’s moral laws and parental efficiency rules. Children need freedom to be kids, to learn and explore, to have fun. But they also need rules to guide them into productivity and maturity. God gave Adam and Eve only one…


Be the Parent!

A parent may think, “It’s so much easier to be their friend than the parent!” Friendship will come in time, but for now, BE THE PARENT! God will help you because it follows His design for your children’s maturity. Children are to obey their parents, and we parents like that command! But what about the part…

biblical parenting

Godly Parenting: Structure! (Part 1)

“Godly Parenting: Structure!” overflows with practical wisdom and application for today’s families. Biblical counselor Sherry Allchin, M.A., founded Biblical Counseling Center with her husband Dr. Ron Allchin, D.Min., in 1989 and has counseled thousands of families over three decades. This is the first of two parts. Watch for Part 2 later this week here on…

Real Love for Families

What Real Love Looks Like to a Child

I stepped into “Little House on the Prairie” reruns when I visited friends’ homes during childhood, it seemed. People in these homes blessed each other with words of affirmation: “Beautiful picture, honey. I can barely wait to show grandma.” “You remembered to put away your books. You are so responsible!” “I appreciate that you called home…

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The BEST Parenting Style!

It seems every few years a new parenting style is “in” — there has been only one best parenting style, God’s parenting style. God says, “Be the parent” to moms and dads of younger children. As children become teens and young adults, biblical instruction follows His design for their maturity. Nurture & Admonition in Balance…