Sexual Lust and Women

Sexual lust isn’t a guy’s problem only. In this frank article by Kelly Needham, she shares encouragement on how to handle this sin that embarrasses women. It begins with opening up and confessing sin. This article appeared first here at Revive Our Hearts and is used with permission. Lust, sexual fantasies, pornography, masturbation–these were all things…


Reclaim Purity in a Sex-Saturated Culture

Purity is out of vogue nowadays. How do teen girls and women remain sexually pure or reclaim purity? Here’s help and hope from counselor Lucy Ann Moll, whose article first appeared here on her website.  Doesn’t purity seems “old-fashioned” and “not relevant” in today’s sex-saturated culture? Many Christian girls and women have given in to peer…

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Sexual Sin: A Woman’s Problem Too!

Sexual sin wants to take you hostage, my friend. Isn’t the world’s sex doctrine everywhere today? Surf the Internet, browse cable TV stations, flip though magazines, listen to lyrics, check out erotica fiction — the world’s message on sex to women says, “Porn is normal and harmless. Adultery is fun. Something’s wrong with you if…

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Counseling Teen Boys Hooked On Porn

Counseling teens hooked on porn might seem difficult to do, considering he’s a teen and you’re not, and he probably doesn’t want your help. Biblical counselor Steve Hoppe shares practical help and hope for counselors who need insight on handling porn and teens. This article first appeared here on the Biblical Counseling Coalition website. You peek…


Playboy, Pornography, and Truth

Playboy, Pornography, and Truth: Biblical Counseling Center welcomes guest blogger Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr., who serves as president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. This article originally appeared as “Bad News, Indeed — Playboy Opened the Floodgates and Now the Culture is Drowning” at and is reprinted with permission. –Ed. A venerable parable from…

What Does God Say to Porn Addicts

What Does God Say to Porn Addicts?

Porn is highly addictive and ruins people’s lives. How can you or a friend find freedom from porn addiction? Listen to what God says to porn addiction. In today’s post, Luke Gilkerson, of Covenant Eyes, shares 4 strategies to break the grip of porn, using the light of Scripture. False Promises Three thousand years ago,…

50 Shades

50 Shades of Debauchery

50 Shades of Debauchery by Julie Glanschow is a wake-up call for Christians, and especially women, to the best-selling and pornographic book 50 Shades of Gray turned into a movie. The movie hits the big screens on Valentine’s Day. This is not a romantic flick. It is porn. Reprinted at our blog with her gracious permission.…