4 Skills Every Christian Needs

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skills every Christian needs

Every Christian needs these 4 skills: effective prayer, truth application, listening, and wise patience. Which skills can you help others learn? In which do you need help. Guest writer Matt Mitchell, a pastor and author of Resisting Gossip: Winning the War of the Wagging Tongue (CLC Publications, 2013), also blogs at “Hot Orthodoxy.” This article first appeared at Biblical Counseling … Read More

Escape: Try This Very Best Way to Get Away

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Escape from life’s dudgery and stress sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? But what is the very best way to get away? A trip to the Bahamas or something better? This article by Donna Hart, PhD, first appeared here on her website and is used with permission. Our American culture is one that often encourages us to escape. When we feel tired … Read More

Helping Single Parents When Life’s Hard

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single parents

Single parents face struggles and joys. In this article that appeared first here, Donna Hart, PhD provides encouragement to single parents facing the empty nest years. Her Number One recommendation: prayer. Donna’s article is used with permission. A leader of a ministry to single parents since 2003, I have experienced joy. . .to love, serve, and make them a part of … Read More

Generosity: An Amazing, Healing Power

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Generosity. . .is an amazing, healing power. When you are generous — or someone shares with you — don’t up feel uplifted? Energized? Joyful? This article by counselor Lucy Ann Moll, which appeared first here on her website, shares an uplifting story of generosity. Has a friend generously listened to you lately? Or given you a helping hand? Have you reached out … Read More

Blood of Jesus: So What?

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blood and jesus

The blood of Jesus has 6 extraordinary meanings for Christians in need of counseling. Guest writer Kevin Halloran serves with Leadership Resources International. This article first appeared here on Unlocking the Bible and is used with permission. French philosopher Voltaire and American President John Adams are famous for their criticisms of Christianity because they thought it was a “bloody religion,” with … Read More

God Still Speaks, but Are You Listening?

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God still speaks. . .in what ways? And how can you improve your hearing? Today’s guest writer is Dr. Joel Badal, D.Ph., a dean and professor at Crossroads Bible College. This article appeared first here at Unlocking the Bible’s website and is used with permission. Through church history and even among our varied denominations, people often use words like, “The … Read More

Curse of the Over-Thinker!

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Over-thinking: Did you know this is another name for a habitual worrier? Guest writer and biblical counselor Julie Ganschow of Reigning Grace Counseling Center shares help and hope for people prone to worry. This article appeared first on Julie’s blog and is used with permission. I know a woman who has spent a large part of her life as an … Read More

I Need Discernment

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 Need Discernment? Who doesn’t? I read a line from Michael Hyatt’s blog the other day that really struck me as practically discerning: “If you don’t like what you see in the life of the messenger, it’s usually best to ignore the message.” In essence, Michael is advising us not to take advice from people aren’t getting the results you want to experience. … Read More

What Does God Say to Weary Wives?

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what does God say to weary wives

Today’s guest blogger is Wendy Alsup, who writes about God at her website, Practical Theology for Women. She loves math, theology, and whales, and has authored three books: Practical Theology for Women, The Gospel-Centered Woman, and By His Wounds You are Healed. Wendy lives in Seattle with her husband, Andy, and two children. The post “Withering Wives” is reprinted with … Read More