We Train

Biblical Counseling Center trains churches to equip leaders to care for its members and the hurting in the community. We also train individuals to counsel. Our focus: training you in effective and compassionate biblical counseling. Our delivery is flexible– online or in person; individuals, small groups, or filled auditoriums. Our experience: We’ve trained many thousands of students all over the world in biblical counseling principles, topics, and applications since 1989. Our training program offers 120 hours of quality instruction. We aim to help churches and individuals increase their confidence and competence in caring for the hurting. We are certified ACBC center, too.

Learn Biblical Counseling Through Online Classes

Do you desire to learn how to be a biblical counselor and have the flexibility of taking courses ONLINE at your pace? We have a top-notch training site where you take ONLINE courses: BCC’s ONLINE Training Site. Our TRAINING program teaches you a process of biblical counseling, based on the methods of Jesus and New Testament church. This process of counseling helps you become more confident and competent in your counsel to others. Three courses–Foundations, Contemporary Issues, and Portraits–and one certificate program are available now. We recommend that you take Foundations first. At our ONLINE Training Site, you’ll see three large icons: one for each of current courses. Go ahead and click an icon to read through the course outline. You may also register for the course at our training site. By early 2015, two more courses will be available–Marriage and Family, and Advanced Counseling–AND an additional certificate program: ADVANCED COUNSELING CERTIFICATE. In all our ONLINE courses, experienced biblical counseling instructors provide feedback and help you become a more caring and competent biblical counselor.

Foundations in Biblical Counseling

Begin with Foundations

Foundations is an introductory and comprehensive biblical counseling course designed by Biblical Counseling Center.

Individuals or churches may enroll in Foundations. The same great training! The difference is HOW its delivered. Foundations is your starting point in TRAINING.

Foundations is offered ONLINE for individuals. Churches (typically ministry leaders and interested folks) attend Foundations LIVE and also receive access to our ONLINE training website. There are flexible options to suit every churches needs.

INDIVIDUALS enroll in Foundations and complete it ONLINE. These folks are passionate about helping the hurting in their churches and in their neighborhoods. Our online format is self-paced. You receive access to our comprehensive, easy-to-use training website when you enroll. Some individuals who begin with Foundations continue their biblical counseling training with us and receive our LAY COUNSELING CERTIFICATE.

CHURCHES (including pastors, small group leaders, women ministry leaders, youth leaders) enroll in Foundations with a desire to promote a caring, one-anothering culture in their congregations. They want to care like Christ. They want to engage a hurting world around them.

Our “students only” top-notch training website gives individuals and churches an electronic outline, video training, e-notebooks, downloadables, and resources. Our training website keeps track of your progress for you! Look at our training website and click the three icons to see the course outlines. You receive access to the course upon registration.

Foundations has 24 lessons covering biblical counseling principles and many common difficulties, from handling emotions biblically to guiding struggling parents to helping hurting marriages and more.

When used as training in a church, the lessons may be grouped together into sessions of varying length depending on your needs. Learn more about the variety of flexible formats offered to get started with your counseling training with Foundations.

Lay Certificate Program

Earn a Certificate!

INDIVIDUALS and CHURCH ministry leaders may earn Biblical Counseling Center’s highly acclaimed LAY COUNSELING CERTIFICATE. To earn this certificate, you need to successfully complete three courses: Foundations, Contemporary Issues, and Portraits. Individuals complete these courses ONLINE via our “students only” high-tech training website. Churches receive customized training, both in-person and with online access to our training website. Learn about our Lay Counseling Certificate program.


Host a Workshop

BCC can present a workshop at your church on a number of practical topics, including Marriage Restoration, Same-Sex Attraction, Pornography, Help for Depression, Handling Church Conflict and more.

See the complete list of topics.

These workshops can stand-alone, introduce counseling to your church, be lumped together and turned into a retreat, or help with specific topics relevant to your church. If you don’t see a topic on the list, just ask. We’ll design a workshop to meet your needs.

Learn why counseling training is critical for discipleship.


Interested in learning more about Biblical counseling? Start with Foundations.

Looking for something more in-depth? Learn about our lay certificate program.
FORMER STUDENTS: Are you looking for the log-in for an e-training course you started in a previous year? The location has moved and can be accessed here. 
Your login and password have not changed. We think you’ll love our new pathwright educational platform.
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