Foundations of Biblical Counseling is the starting point to help individuals and churches grow in confidence and competence in biblical counseling.

Individuals and churches (pastors, ministry leaders, and interested folks) learn a biblical process of helping others experience lasting change, gain practical training addressing common issues, and discover why biblical counseling is effective and compassionate.

You also gain valuable tools to begin engaging the most common counseling struggles that a typical local church faces. Is your goal to grow deeper in biblical community and become equipped to disciple others?  Foundations helps individuals and churches reach the hurting in your church and community.

24 comprehensive lessons cover a wide variety of common struggles and biblical counseling principles. For churches, these lessons can be easily grouped together into sessions of varying length depending on your needs. All participants–individuals and churches–get access to our “students only” top-notch ONLINE Training Site.

Foundations is offered in three different formats:

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  • Using the Bible, our counselor wisely led both of us on a journey to reconciliation and spiritual renewal. We are thankful for BCC’s ministry to us, for offering us hope and giving us direction through God’s Word and for Jesus, the One who will complete the good work He has begun in our marriage.

    Jorge & Andrea Munoz
  • When, as a pastor, I referred our people to BCC, I did so with confidence that they would be dealt with in a professional and biblical manner. I also grew in my own walk with Christ and my ability to counsel others through the staff’s gracious willingness to share their knowledge, skill, and experience with local pastors.

    Dr. Keith Plummer

Foundations Topics

Caring Like Christ

  • Biblical Shepherding
  • Reaching the Heart
  • Sanctification Understood

Helping Others Change

  • Getting Involved
  • Gathering Data
  • Determining the Problem
  • Determining the Solution
  • Giving Next Steps

Handling Emotions Biblically

  • Biblical Understanding of Emotions
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Despair and Spiritual Depression
  • Guilt and Shame

Guiding Struggling Parents

  • Balanced Biblical Parenting
  • Ministry to Broken Families
  • Facilitating Family Forgiveness

Helping Hurting Marriages

  • Understanding God’s Design for Marriage
  • Reversing “Role Reversal”
  • Resolving Conflict through Godly Communication
  • Reestablishing Unity and Intimacy

Biblical Counseling Vs. Secular Counseling

  • Distinctives of Biblical Counseling
  • The Body, The Bible and Medicine
  • Counseling those with Psychological Labels
  • How to Grow as a Biblical Counselor

Putting it All Into Practice: Case Study Lab (Optional)

  • Module 7 can be done LIVE with an experienced BCC counselor over six hours, or it may be completed through our self-paced, ONLINE “Case Studies Lab.” For those seeking Lay Counseling Certification, please submit case study forms to verify completion of the case study Lab.
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