Are you desiring to start a Biblical Counseling Ministry at your Church?  Do you want your people to reach your people and your community? Are you a pastor who wants to talk this through? We can help!

LAUNCH helps you begin a biblical counseling center at your church competently and effectively.   Biblical Counseling Center is helping churches across the country begin to develop their own Biblical Counseling Ministry through our LAUNCH Partnership. 

  • HD Video, Printable Notebooks and small group discussion guides
  • Personalized Consultation and “Step-by-Step” LAUNCH Plan
  • Includes 3 Weekend Visits with Customized Leadership Training on topics of your choice.
  • Flat Cost for whole year Partnership

Where to Begin: Working through the Steps of LAUNCH

A great place to start is to take our short video course called “A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Counseling Ministry in Your Church.” There are four 10-minutes videos and printable planning guide, other downloadable resources covering topics like liability, training practices, administration and logistics that accompanies each video.  For only $5  you can access this video series here. Check out this recent LAUNCH Group from Crawfordsville, Indiana.  They have developed Biblical Counselors for their church, community and a local Men’s Recovery Home.

Simply click this link and you’re on your way to a successful LAUNCH!

Then What?

We value community! We value communication! Please ask any question you have or share a concern. Our LAUNCH team is here to help. Email gro.r1527101239etnec1527101239gnies1527101239nuocl1527101239acilb1527101239ib@ni1527101239hclla1527101239t1527101239 and our LAUNCH team will get back to you.