Workshops are a great way to introduce BCC to your church and to help your people learn to seek God’s solutions to their struggles. Below is a list of possible workshop titles. Don’t see what you are looking for on our list? Just ask. . . the experienced counselors of BCC probably have helped others through your situation before.

Interested in hosting a workshop at your church? 

Common Workshop Topics

  • Counseling: Understanding the 3 types of Counselees

  • Counseling: Who Is Responsible to Counsel?

  • Counseling: The Power and Sufficiency of Scripture

  • Counseling: The power of saying “I Care”

  • Crisis: Suicide

  • Crisis: Terminal Illness

  • Help for: Anger

  • Help for: Anxiety

  • Help for: Balance

  • Help for: Lust

  • Help for: Major Life Change

  • Help for: Making Decisions

  • Help for: Peer Pressure

  • Help for: Building Hope over Addictions

  • Marriage: The Christian Family
  • Marriage: The Excellent Wife
  • Marriage: The Godly Husband
  • Parenting: Teens
  • Parenting: The godly Grandparent
  • Parenting: Truths children need before 18
  • Sexuality: Biblical Principles of Sex
  • Sexuality: Pornography
  • Sexuality: Promiscuity
  • Sexuality: Purity
  • Sexuality: Same-Sex Attraction
  • The Church: Appreciating the older crowd
  • The Church: Handling conflict Biblically
  • The Church: Counseling as a way of Christian Life

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